White and light purple text on purple background: Tap into your motion magic in 3 steps

Tap Into Your Motion Magic

Create your very own magic with preview shortcuts. Set up different shortuts with customised presets, to preview your animation the way you need.

White and light blue writing on blue background: Motion Design Like a Boss in 3 Steps

Motion Design Like a Boss

Don’t waste your time setting up a new project with folders, files and naming. Be the boss that you know your are, by having that shiz ready.

Make your animation pop

Make Your Animation Pop

Who’s got time creating slider controls and linking expressions for each project, when you could have all of your most used presets ready in an After Effects composition when you open a new project.

Andy Rot169 Animation Co-Lab Cyber Security Explainer Video Collaboration Storyboard Frames 40-49

I Can’t Draw

People often tell me they can’t be creative because they can’t draw but I call bullshit! Just because you can’t draw, doesn’t mean you are not creative. Just because you can’t draw, doesn’t mean you can’t design. Just because you can’t draw, doesn’t mean you can’t learn it.

Andy Rot169 Animation Co-Lab Cyber Security Explainer Video Collaboration Storyboard Frames 30-39

Don’t Believe in Hustle Culture

Workin’ 9 to 5 / work hard play hard / good things happen to those who hustle…Let’s file those statements under “things I no longer believe in”. In the last 3 years of building my freelance business, I’ve realised how damaging hustle culture is and how that has changed things.

Andy Rot169 Animation Co-Lab Cyber Security Explainer Video Collaboration Storyboard Frames 10-19

A Motion Designer’s Portrait

As entrepreneurs we make decisions in which direction our business is going. The paths might change throughout our careers, but often we know the destination. I have known early on, that I wanted to be a motion designer. My mission, however, has only become clear, since I started my freelance business.

Andy Rot169 Animation Co-Lab Cyber Security Explainer Video Collaboration Storyboard Frames 1-9

Creative Brief as a Freelance Designer

Confession: It’s been 6 years since I’ve worked on a client project from start to finish. Honestly, I was losing confidence in my ability to conceptualise, design and animate a whole motion graphics explainer video by myself.

Vector Illustration of tree, half nature half circuit board, pastel green, coral and vanilla colours, coloured outlines, dotted peach background

Why Should I Listen to Trees?​

I have recently discovered drama podcasts, or what the Germans call a “Hörspiel” 🎧 I was never a huge audio book listener, because I often drift off when the narrator is reading the book. There is something about drama podcasts, that keeps me engaged and this one is on a whole new level.

Mindfulness Sticker set

Why I niched down

I have always liked animating GIFs and creating short snippets of larger animations. I would share them on social media to create excitement for a particular project. It never occured to me that making GIFs could be a whole job in itself, instead of just a fun side task, until I started making animated stickers.


When unexpected events happen

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.”
― Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein.

I am someone who has a structured work schedule. I plan my days and weeks out in advance and like, when things go according to plan. When my schedule gets thrown out of balance by unexpected events, this can cause some inner turmoil.

3D Lettering Class Series Thumbnails

Why I don’t follow trends

I love sharing what I’ve learned, no matter how obscure it is or how small the target audience may be. Because at the end of the day, I make what I am interested in. If I can’t find a solution to a creative problem online, there are bound to be other people who have the same problem. I want to be able to offer a solution.


Why I am an online teacher

When I was little, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I remember that I would spend my time taking sewing classes and going to extra curricular sewing clubs. As you might have guess, I didn’t become a fashion designer but a motion designer instead. What stuck from that time, however, was having a passion for a craft, wanting to become really good at it and finding ways to learn.

9 Images of Content from 2020

Reflecting on 2020

Everybody has difficult years but a lot of times the difficult years end up being the greatest years of your whole entire life, if you survive them.

– Brittany Murphy

Sonja Character

Why it’s important not to get stuck in a loop

When I finished my first Sticker Pack, I wasn’t particularly happy with it. Frankly, I thought it sucked. I thought I sucked. Reminding myself of the “Done is better than perfect” mantra, I released it anyway. This helped kickstart a whole new mental state and project phase. I was able to enter the focus testing and feedback stage of the project.

Kawaii Grad Cap Sticker Pack

Why it’s hard to complete a project

As a creative I have multiple plates spinning in the air at any given time. From personal projects to client work to admin and marketing tasks. There is always something stopping, starting or on hold. Sometimes, I abandon projects and I have started contemplating why that is.

Graduation Cap Emoji

If you don’t design, are you a motion designer?

I have specialised in motion graphics pretty early on, during my studies. I got my first job as a motion designer, right after uni. But I always fared better, when working in a team of creatives, coming up with ideas together and executing the animation. At my first junior role, I discovered the term “artworker” – someone who executes designs, rather than comes up with them.

Jeffress Model PNG

Why I make edutainment content

I’m a Philomath: a lover of learning. I revel in consuming and creating educational-entertainment content. So, when a TEDxTUM speaker Lutz Kettler asked me to animate a visualisation of a neural mechanism for his talk, I was all in.

Blog Announcement PNG 16x9

Pivot When The Occasion Calls For It

As a freelance designer I am taught to regard social media as the target marketing strategy. Post quality content, post regularly, post often. As many of you, I have been pushing forward to build an audience on Instagram and other platforms. It feels like, one is constantly fighting against the algorithm. Trying blindly what works, not knowing which of the parameters were the winning ones, that got the post to succeed or underperform.

Chomp 16x9 PNG

How to create accountability

I would like to thank Stina Jones for allowing me to animate her cute little character. It was a lot of fun! I love collaborating with other artists, as it gives me the opportunity to bring their designs to life in the form of animation. But how do you create accountability for yourself on solo passion projects?

Motion Monday's Tree Prompt PNG

How to build a community

Being part of a community of like-minded people can be very enriching. You can share successes and pitfalls, especially in a professional setting. It is however important to surround yourself with people that not only share your interests but also your socio-economic circumstances.

Kaze Wa Fuke 16x9 PNG

How do you stay balanced

I have always struggled with mental health. I am quite an anxious person and also suffer from bouts of depression. In recent years I have found techniques that helped me stay balanced. 風は吹けども山は動ぜず – “Though the wind blows, the mountain does not move”. With inner strength, outside influences will not shake you.

Bugs Surface Pattern 16x9 JPEG

How to start a collab

This is how I took a surface pattern created by Lara Mascareño, my creative partner in the #DistantCollab Instagram Challenge, during the first 2020 lock-down and transformed it from a static design to a looping animation.


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