If you don’t design, are you a motion designer?

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I have specialised in motion graphics pretty early on, during my studies. I got my first job as a motion designer, right after uni. But I always fared better, when working in a team of creatives, coming up with ideas together and executing the animation. At my first junior role, I discovered the term “artworker” – someone who executes designs, rather than comes up with them.

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Pivot When The Occasion Calls For It

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As a freelance designer I am taught to regard social media as the target marketing strategy. Post quality content, post regularly, post often. As many of you, I have been pushing forward to build an audience on Instagram and other platforms. It feels like, one is constantly fighting against the algorithm. Trying blindly what works, not knowing which of the parameters were the winning ones, that got the post to succeed or underperform.

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How to create accountability

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I would like to thank Stina Jones for allowing me to animate her cute little character. It was a lot of fun! I love collaborating with other artists, as it gives me the opportunity to bring their designs to life in the form of animation. But how do you create accountability for yourself on solo passion projects?

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How to build a community

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Being part of a community of like-minded people can be very enriching. You can share successes and pitfalls, especially in a professional setting. It is however important to surround yourself with people that not only share your interests but also your socio-economic circumstances.

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How do you stay balanced

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I have always struggled with mental health. I am quite an anxious person and also suffer from bouts of depression. In recent years I have found techniques that helped me stay balanced. 風は吹けども山は動ぜず – “Though the wind blows, the mountain does not move”. With inner strength, outside influences will not shake you.

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